What is Web Design?

Web design is a process of creating a webpage where every aspect of a website is covered like content, color, texture, layout, images, files, videos, fonts, etc. In short, web designing is composing a website and making it ready to be developed. Generally, coding (using HTML, CSS, and java-script) is used to design a website but these days, there are many tools that can be used to design a website in an easy way. At first, before designing a website, an idea or concept is visualized on how the website should look, how user friendly and simple yet precise it should be. After visualization, the designer begins his work by crafting visions into reality.

What makes a good website design?

A proper strategy for designing a website is what makes a good website design. Normally, people don’t focus on designing a proper website because they don’t think that it is a big deal but what people don’t know is that the designing a website plays an important role in optimizing the website. A well designed website will always have better optimization and ranking than the un-well one.

Now what is it that makes a good website design?

It’s always better to form a strategy for creating a website. Designing a website takes lot of thinking because the design (layout) of website differs according to the business industry. So finding a perfect layout that best suits your business type and defining your sites purpose is the foremost part of designing a website. Being clear on the purpose of your website helps in creating the content. Another important aspect that determines a website to be well designed is the current website designing trends. Using the trends is always a better idea as it also helps in optimizing the website as well as being competitive with other similar type of websites that helps in ranking part. Another significant part while designing a website is deciding on your branding. It covers the overall aspect of web designing like: layout, color scheme, font styles, etc. Presenting your website to the people means presenting your brand with it. A website makes an impression of your businesses brand image. If your website is appealing and user-friendly to the people then it ultimately makes an impact on your businesses brand image. So, deciding your branding by planning how your website should be presented to the people is an important part.

Hence, these are the key factors on how to create a properly designed website and why it is important to make it proper but not just a website.

Web Design in Nepal

Web design in Nepal is a growing industry. Web design in Nepal is growing rapidly now that the people have understood the importance of having a website of their company/ business. Web design in Nepal has become a demanding service since the number of clients that require to design a website is increasing day by day. Website design in Nepal has even become a popular course in Nepal that is usually done by the SEE appeared students. Due to the rapid growth, now, there are many web design companies in Nepal that provide web designing services. Web design service in Nepal is becoming more and more qualitative and standard due to its popularity.

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