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Tandav Tech is a Web Developing company specializing in Web Development, Web designing services, App development, App designing services, WordPress development, SEO, Social Media, & Digital marketing. Allure, Impress and Convert more leads online with Tandav Tech.

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Exceptional creativity mixed with vision and cutting edge technology

Service Right

App Designing

Astonish your customers and drive attention to your business with a unique mobile app design

Custom App development

App solution that can adjust to any business needs

Mobile App Testing

Improve the quality of your mobile applications by testing across desktop browsers and real mobile devices hosted by us

App Deployment, Support & Maintenance

Efficient Support and Maintenance after Mobile App deployment

App Consultation

Transform your idea into rigid technology architecture with the amalgamation of young consulting minds

UX Design

Design exceptional digital customer experiences to transform businesses at a scale

Product Design

Design a charming product that is easy-to-use, attractive, and functional


Unique illustrations and patterns for your products and promotional needs


Consulting and negotiation for creative businesses with experience in design

Video Editing

Super Video Editing Staff on the Duty

Motion Graphics

Create illusionary motion

Logo Animation

Boost your company’s competitive position with logo animation

Professional photography

Wedding Photography, Fashion Photography, Product Photography, Events, etc

Advertising Illustration

Bring ideas to Life by visualizing them