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Meet the team


As founder and CEO of global web development firm Tandav Tech, Madhu Khadka has steered the company’s vision from inception to assembling exceptional employees, accelerating digital ideas with end-to-end technology services.

Madhu remains a guiding authority for Tandav Tech, constantly challenging the team to explore the boundaries of new technologies. Under his leadership, Tandav Tech has grown its technical capabilities across industries.

Madhu Khadka

Founder & CEO

Abinam’s ambition led him to a successful career as a Web Application Developer. He found his calling taking an understanding of technology best practices to build and mentor a team of advanced developers to deliver results that satisfy Tandav Tech’s clients time and again.

Abinam aims to continue to improve the technical and soft skills of WordPress team members so they continue improving our clients’ businesses one solution at a time.

Abinam Khadka

Web Application Developer

In learning insight, Suyash has used his experience to build out the Tandav Tech digital marketing efforts.

At Tandav Tech, he plays his roles by spanning SEO Specialist, Digital Marketing Specialist, and Digital Marketing Manager. A detail- and data-driven strategist, Suyash aims to keep Tandav Tech’s marketing department on track.

Suyash Shrestha

SEO Executive

From content management to invoice organization, Rakshya artfully blends broad strategic brushstrokes with a focus on the fine details. She channels her training as a Content Writer to source efficiencies and author better processes to realize gains.

Rakshya enjoys variety in roles, technology, cultures, and people and has a hard time turning down a challenge.

Rakshya Sneha Khadka

Content Writer

As the Slicer and UX UI Developer, Bigyan challenges himself with a variety of tasks and responsibilities daily. His goal is to develop his team member’s technical and soft skills while ensuring high-quality code and fast delivery.

Bigyan is often involved in supervising various projects and resolving any difficulties that may occur. His ability to think out of the box and offer quick solutions is highly appreciated.

Bigyan Dahal

Slicer & UX UI

Prajwol brings over exceptional design leadership experience to Tandav Tech. He worked as a creative executive for several top design firms and start-ups. Now, he leads to the growth of our global experience design team.

Prajwol’s background in design research, customer experience, brand, design, behavior design, and technology allows him to bring a holistic approach to solving clients’ challenges.

Prajwol Malla

Design Executive

Brihat has a talent for developing software and helping people. When he does both, Brihat accelerates solutions for Tandav Tech’s clients. Fluent in JavaScript and mobile development for Android, he loves the challenge of helping developers fix complex issues together.

A member of the Tandav Tech team since its early days, Brihat has enjoyed supporting colleagues and clients in their needs and building successful Enterprise solutions.

Brihat Pradhan

App Developer

As Tandav Tech’s executive of Network and Security, Neemesh oversees our Network Security team and ensures our clients’ networking and safety are being met most innovatively and efficiently possible.

Neemesh finds great reward through advanced methods and by fostering an environment where members are empowered to do their best work.

Neemesh Thapa

Network & Security