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Tandav Tech is a Web Developing company specializing in Web Development, Web designing services, App development, App designing services, WordPress development, SEO, Social Media, & Digital marketing. Allure, Impress and Convert more leads online with Tandav Tech.

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Founder’s Word

Mr. Madhu Khadka

Hi, I am Madhu Khadka, Founder/CEO at Tandav Tech
With all the responsibilities you have running a business, you may lack a website, mobile application, and not have the time to master search engine optimization (SEO). I understand. Keeping up with the digital world can be extremely difficult. That’s why, unlike other web developing firms who like to take anyone and everyone in, no matter the quality or abilities for that matter, we eliminate anyone we think or even remotely consider we won’t be able to help.

We at Tandav Tech are a team of high-quality professionals working in the field of Website Development, App Development, and Digital Marketing. Our strength is our team and our constant pursuit to be at our best always. Our mission is to exceed customer expectations by providing outstanding customer care through innovations created by our talented and qualified employees.

Once your brand is associated with us, we feel and think about it as our own. We treat your brand with a stunning website, startling mobile app, and flawless digital marketing campaigns. At every step, we think of making sure that we promote you and uplift your brand from the look and feel of your website to its visibility in search engines. We make sure that every facet of your mobile application with us is with perfection. We put all our experience and ideas into the process of your project to make sure that your website, mobile apps, and digital campaigns look astonishing to your target audience and you get not just your desired response but we should be able to surpass your expectations.

We have a special place in our hearts for custom design, backend functionality, and solving the unique challenges that every client brings through our doors. Don’t be shy about sharing your ambitions! If you can dream it, we can build it.

I love consulting with clients, building out solutions, supporting my team, and in general, just helping everyone I encounter get closer to their goals.

I hope we meet soon.