Coping With COVID-19 in NEPAL

Coronavirus pandemic quickly leads to misinformation, rumors and fake news in the context of  Nepal. We can all play a role in beating the virus by making sure that we are sharing validated information and using trusted sources to inform our decision-making.


  1. Doctors, Nurse and health workers are not trained
  2. Many people are already infected
  3. A lot of people coming to Nepal, the government doesn’t seem to be taking necessary actions to prevent infected people arrival
  4. Eating garlic prevent virus.


  1. The government will be providing health insurance in the amount of NRs 1,000,000
    and extra allowance, training, and protective equipment.
  2. According to the Ministry of Health and population,546 individuals have been tested for coronavirus in Nepal and among then, only one has tested positive. The test was conducted on JAN 23rd, the person has recovered.
  3. Both Nepalese and foreign nationals coming from abroad are tested in the health desk located at point of entry. Also from 20 Mar – 15 April Nepal has canceled on arrival visas. Those entering has to show value swab test PCR certificate completed no more than 7days before entry. Those entering must subsequently self-quarantine for 14days upon arrival.
  4. Coronavirus can be transmitted in any location with any kind of weather, Although the medium for virus transmission is not still 100% known, the possibility is lower if you stay away from individuals coughing or with respiratory problems. Washing hands regularly helps a lot. There are some anti-microbial properties in garlic but no proven evidence is found.

What if I contract coronavirus?

Where can I get a test ?
The national Public Health Laboratory (NPHL),Teku Kathmandu is conducting tests.Sample is colleceted by hopsital and sent to NPHL.

How much does it cost?
No charges are required for the test

How long doees it take ?
It takes between 24-48 hours after the sample is submitted to the lab.

Major hotlines to be contacted

Governement Hotline (8am to 8pm )

+977 9851255839
+977 9851255837
+977 9851255834

Free Hotline -Ncell & NTC (8am to 5pm )


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