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Conceptual Photography

By Tandav Tech Team February 7, 2021

Photography and Videography

What is Conceptual Photography? Have you heard about it but not been able to work out what it is? How can you do it? Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions? If yes, then browse on them and see if it can be an answer for you.   Conceptual photography is a form of art. It signifies many inner to outer feelings of stories. It is an art form that ...

Video Caption

By Tandav Tech Team March 25, 2021

Photography and Videography

In our extremely online world, captioning makes videos easier for audiences to watch, wherever they are, and whatever they’re doing. What exactly is Video Captioning? Video caption is the written text representing the spoken part of that video or simply a straight translation of the spoken word. Video Captions are typically displayed at the bottom of the screen.   Why video captioning is so important, Nowadays? Video caption is so important to ...