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Tandav Tech is a Web Developing company specializing in Web Development, Web designing services, App development, App designing services, WordPress development, SEO, Social Media, & Digital marketing. Allure, Impress and Convert more leads online with Tandav Tech.

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about us

A Web & Mobile Development Company based in Kathmandu, Nepal

Who are we ?

We are a full-service web development company established on trust and centered on relationships. We live and breathe the client life cycle. We fully absorb our client's business model while using digital channels to help them develop long-term acquisition and revenue growth. In the approach, we are solely responsible for managing operational resources for delivering the product service as per the client specifications.

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We create experiences that are engaging, simple to use, and drive results for your company. We are not your typical web development agency. We have worked both directly and indirectly with almost every type of industry in the world, from small e-commerce websites to multinational corporations as well as healthcare providers, educational institutes, trust corporations, online retailing, travel agencies, and other nonprofit agencies and organizations. Sure, we are firm on corporate branding and web design, but we are more focused on making things work for your audience and your business.


We are not only about getting the job done right, on time, and budget, but also about innovation – working intimately with our clients, leveraging technologies to obtain solutions that outperform expectations, and deliver outstanding user experiences every time.


We believe that clients are an essential part of creating exceptional solutions and give them full access and clarity to every step of the solution development process; analysis, planning, design, content, development, testing, and deployment.

Collaborative Pledge

For us, collaboration means a lot more than just effective client-team communication. To support this collaboration, every step of the development process takes place under one roof, in our Kathmandu-based facility. No foreign or contract development teams - ever. We are the experts who yield our commitment to service excellence, timely delivery, fruitful solutions, and astonishing client experiences.