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We're Creative

Creative in a sense that we put your ideas and imaginations into reality. But don’t worry if you don’t have an idea cause that’s where we get creative too!

We're Professional

Professional in a sense that we provide qualitative services handled by our rightful personnel’s and making most out of it and also, completing the work on time.

We’re reliable

Reliable in a sense that we try to establish a good relation with clients and making them feel trustier towards us by providing consistently good quality services.

We are a digital design agency…

We are a digital design agency providing tech related solutions like WordPress development, digital marketing, app development, web development, web designing, and also services like photography, videography and graphics designing that mainly helps in digital marketing. Nowadays, a good tech company is highly demanded since the world is becoming more and more technical. So, looking forward to that, Tandav was established with a team of skilled and intellectual personnel helping general people to ease into the tech world by providing various services to them. We mainly specialize on two of the services we provide, that is:

Web development/design

Want to create a website of your business for boosting your brand? Search no more and come straight to us as we provide best service for creating a website that perfectly suits your business. We will design and develop you a website which will help your business to represent itself in an online platform and start generating leads and conversions

Digital marketing

For taking your business to a next level, digital marketing is a must as people are more online based now. So if you also want to follow the trend and get yourself prepared for the online recognition of your business, we are here for you. We provide top class digital marketing services that helps in building online recognition of your brand leading ultimately towards profit of your business!

Service We Provide

WordPress Theme

Innovative and aesthetic designs for your website. Choose that best suits your business!

Responsive Design

Rendering your website at its finest level in order to make it user friendly and fit in devices with various screen sizes

Digital marketing & Advertisement

For taking your business to a next level, digital marketing is a must as people are more online based now. So if you also want to follow the trend and get yourself prepared for the online recognition of your business, we are here for you.

Graphic Design

Plan and execute relevant digital marketing strategies and ads that helps your business to prosper.

Mobile Apps Development

Develop an application that best fulfills its purpose by optimizing and managing it in a professional way.

Photography/ videography

Create memories of any events that brings joy on your life by capturing it in form of image or video

Your Solution to Digital Innovation

Being one of the best tech companies of Nepal,
We belive in quality and content of our services at its finest level.

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Our Features Work

Silk Road College

providing international standard education with excellent learning environment

Sarvottam Saving and Credit

Your personal guide to your finance.

Nepali Home Work

Providing all the necessary good for your home.

Jossa Vs

to encourage international volunteers to contribute in sustainable community development that benefits the underprivileged and extremely poor.

Rukmani Travel Pvt. Ltd.

The motto of this company is to provide travel solution as simple as a smile.

Sherpa Wonders

Sustainable and responsible travel in nepal.

EOC Nepal

members of civil society to form an organization that would monitor the election without suffering from any sense of any political biases.

Eht Travel Pvt. Ltd .

22years of experience tour operator in Nepal with elite members and guides.

Summit Trooper Treks & Expeditions Pvt. Ltd.

top quality search, rescue and medical assistance services to travelers to Nepal with primary emphasis on care, safety and efficiency and to eradicate any fraud conduct in the industry.


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